Monthly Archive: March 2016

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A Great Leader Invests in People

What Makes a Great Leader?... If you’ve chosen your team correctly, they spend the bulk of their day focused on building the company. They strive to meet goals, beat deadlines, and be the collective face that furthers your mission. With all the time employees invest for you, how much time do you invest in them? …

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New Mindset:New Results

Close the Sale...

ABC! Always Be Closing! We’ve all heard this little saying, but is it really good advice? If all you think about is getting your client to sign on the dotted line, then you aren’t really connecting with them! This being said, you want to always ask for the order. Good salespeople serve more clients by …

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Do You Believe In Your People?

Countless hours are spent ensuring optimum productivity, keeping customers happy, and meeting demands. I also don’t need to reiterate that your team is fundamental to ensuring success. But having an unwavering belief in your team is something we should all be reminded of from time to time. Think about it: If you worked for someone …

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Sharpening Leadership Skills

Having a leadership position means you’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You’ve crushed enough goals, as well as learned from a few mistakes to lead others to greatness. But don’t get too comfortable in that corner office! Are you doing all you can to connect with your team?   Now is not …

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Quality Questions!

Asking Quality Questions

In sales, one of the top qualities a closer needs is the ability to dictate the conversation. Talking nonstop is equally ineffective. The key to an effective constructive back and forth conversation is in the questions a salesperson asks. Well thought-out inquiries get the client thinking while spelling out their needs so you can address …

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Brainy Quote:Nelson Mandela

A Slogan That Speaks To Your Team

Whether you are a fan of sports or not, there are certain parallels that can be drawn between athletic coaches and leaders. One that I like to highlight is that of a team mantra. Obviously, you don’t do button-up meetings and have business check-ins, standing in a circle, with all hands in the middle, shouting …

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